Meet Our Staff

Robert J. Pfauth II.

Bobby, as he is known, started his paving career when a #2 shovel was placed in his hands some thirty-five years ago. Since that time, he has been involved in every facet of highway/heavy construction, from a laborer, to operations manager at an ENR Top 400 firm, all the way to Director of Technical Services for the Michigan Asphalt Paving Association. While there, Bobby was responsible for the association educational programs, providing training in pavement design and construction to design professionals throughout the state. For eight years, he was also chairman of the MAPA/MDOT Asphalt Paving Awards committee. A graduate of the Professor's Training Course at the National Center for Asphalt Technology at Auburn University, Bobby joined PMSI in the winter of 2003, and purchased the company, renaming it Pavement Consultants, Inc., in the late winter of 2012.
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Myron Bodell

Myron has been a senior inspector with the company since 2000. "Bo", as he is affectionately known, was both a grading, as well as a paving superintendent for Spartan Asphalt, along with a stint as an inspector for the Ingham County Road Commission. Bo is second to none in the arts and sciences of paver set up, as well as paving operations. While at Spartan, Bo was recognized for his leadership and craftsmanship in paving excellence by being presented with the Sheldon G. Hayes Award. This arduous, 2-year, process recognizes the finest asphalt pavements placed in the United States. Our clients are fortunate to have such a luminary inspecting and managing their projects.
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Jim Jersey

Jim has been a member of our staff, as a senior technician, since 2002. Prior to coming here, Jim was a long-term employee of the Michigan Department of Transportation. While there, he held a number of positions, not only in construction oversight and inspection, but also on the Department's Bureau of Highways, Executive Division, as an analyst, and computer automation manager. Jim's utility to our clients is unmatched, in that he spends his time between performing engineering computations to support our inspectors, tracking job quantities, as well as inspector hours on the job, and as a valued construction inspector when the need arises. Among his other skills, Jim is very well informed in concrete inspection, seed and sod projects, and other earthwork, as well as being a knowledgeable land surveyor.
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Bruce Bilanow

Bruce is a relative newcomer to our company having spent his entire adult life in the asphalt paving business. Beginning at Rieth-Riley Construction, in 1967, all the way through coming to us in 2008, Bruce has seen it all, and done it all. Like most in the paving industry, Bruce started out as a laborer, but soon found himself running a roller, then a grader. As a member of the Operating Engineers, Bruce is skilled in the use of not only graders and rollers, but pavers, loaders, excavators, and bulldozers as well. Recognizing his vast knowledge of all aspects of earthwork, as well as paving, he was named as General Superintendent at the Advanced Paving Company, in their Albion, Michigan operation. As such, he was in charge of two grade crews; two paver crews; a miscellaneous crew and had control of scheduling, plus asphalt mix quantities and quality. Whether the project is an underground drainage system, placing aggregate base, or paving with hot mix asphalt, he has earned our every confidence. Currently, (summer/fall 2012) Bruce is working full time, assisting The Tippmann Group, of Ft. Wayne, Indiana, with the site development, and asphalt paving at the new Chobani Yogurt plant, in Twin Falls, Idaho.
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Jeff Click

As founder and previous owner, of PMSI, Jeff brings over 45 years of construction experience, having been involved in nearly every aspect of transportation infrastructure. Early in his career, Jeff served in our country's military, with his experience being in the United States Marine Corps combat engineers. His career in pavement began with Spartan Asphalt, in Holt, Michigan. While there, Jeff and his crew were presented with the Sheldon G. Hayes Award, which annually recognizes the finest asphalt pavements in the United States. Prior to forming PMSI, he was vice-president of Thompson-McCully Company, one of the nation's largest hot mix asphalt producers. During his tenure there, Jeff served as president of the Michigan Asphalt Paving Association, and was several times named chairman of the committee responsible for producing Michigan's Standard Specifications for Construction. Jeff is well known throughout the highway/heavy construction industry as a dynamic speaker and instructor, having participated in numerous training seminars, technical workshops and mix design schools. While technically retired, we consider Jeff to be our 'Chairman Emeritus' and he is often called upon to help with certain projects and special advice.
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Doug Coleman, Ph.D., P.E.

Doug came to PMSI as the retired senior materials engineer for the Michigan Department of Transportation, but his construction experience did not begin with MDOT. As an ensign in the United States Navy, Doug volunteered for the Construction Battalions, the famous SeaBee's, stationed in Southeast Asia. Convalescing from wounds sustained in action, he was soon named Officer in Charge of Construction -- Naval Facilities Engineering Command -- Far East. Following that billet, the now Lt. Coleman was assigned as Public Works Officer -- Headquarters Support Activity-Taipei, Taiwan. After his service in the Navy, Doug worked for the Michigan Department of Transportation as a design engineer for 10 years before transferring to the Materials and Technology division. Doug is an internationally acclaimed expert in asphalt pavements and a member in good standing of the Association of Asphalt Paving Technologists, and, while 'semi-retired', he is often called upon to assist when issues arise with asphalt mixtures, and for aid with educational outreach.
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